About Us

Our founder’s journey brought him from Hong Kong to Canada in 1993. After eight successful years as a youthful and
fun-loving brand, our design direction has continued on a journey of it’s own. We are finding inspiration in bold,
modernist shapes. We are drawn to rich color palettes and varied textures. As our products continue to evolve,
focusing on ceramic statement pieces with a nod towards abstraction, our name will evolve as well. 1993.
We thank you — our partners, customers, and friends — for your continued business and support. We look forward to
fully transitioning with the launch of our Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and to a continued partnership as we
celebrate this milestone.

Based in the eclectic city of Toronto, Canada, imm Living is a design company that draws inspiration from the four corners of the world. Marrying form and function, with a playful sensibility, each piece is injected with rich meaning, evoking emotion between objects and people. Designing for the home, product categories include Home Accessories, Table Top, and Stationery. Like good friends, we wish you a long and happy relationship with your imm Living pieces