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Maggie is an interior designer having graduated from The International Academy of Design in Toronto. She combined a previous marketing degree with her talent for design and initially specialized in retail and hospitality design. She gravitated to home decor where she developed and curated home decor furnishings for large retailers. Maggie shares her knowledge and passion for design at justdecorate.wordpress.com.


“I’ve always had a passion for good design and I love sharing that passion. I believe art is all around us and we are inspired and affected by our surroundings whether we think we are or not. I started Just Decorate! because I found many of my clients became overwhelmed by the fear of “getting it wrong”. The fact is most people have good design instincts but lack the confidence, knowledge or time to pull it all together to fulfill their vision. That’s where I come in and provide the big picture. It just takes some guidance and a little nudging, and then you can see it on their faces. It’s that look of I got this! So, that’s our motto at Just Decorate! We guide and assist until we know, you got this!


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