Bettie Cott

Bettie Cott is a furniture and product designer in Toronto, Canada. She graduated with honours from the Craft and Design program at Sheridan College, majoring in furniture and also holds a diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

Bettie believes in design that is intuitive, functional and creates a dialogue with the user. She is an avid supporter of local design and believes in the importance of sustainable living. She values working conceptually, as well as practically. In her work she aims to design and shape objects that engage, stimulate and improve day to day habitual activities. Her studio is located in Toronto, Ontario where she continues to extend her current collection, produces client-based commission work and collaborates with other local designers.


An astoundingly large percentage of what we perceive as taste is actually derived from our sense of smell. Considering this I was inspired to explore how further engaging the connection between both flavour and scent can affect the way we enjoy our food. By following the principles of the rotovap and distillation processes the natural essence of something can be obtained, collected and redistributed. The OSED5 modifies this scientific process allowing the procedure to be accomplished in-situ and creates the same effect at a more consumable scale.

The OSED5 is a pragmatic approach to a steam distillation system which makes oil extraction more accessible as a functional centrepiece used to enhance the dining experience through scent. It allows the host to choose complimentary scents and ingredients familiar to the palate of the meal to be distilled and extracted at the dining table. The extracted oil is then used to amplify the overall dining experience by applying it to the olfactory connector attached to the guests’ glass where he/she will inhale the elected fragrance while consuming their meal. This new dining practice is designed to enhance the flavour of the food while conjointly creating a stimulating, new intimacy with the meal.


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