Hilary Hayes + Tim Richards

Hilary and Tim have worked together since 2007. They create delightful, engaging experiences through varying media and environments. Their interest in conceptual, research-based approaches to creative projects frequently leads to playful takes on the normative and traditional, while maintaining the highest integrity and attention to detail in materials and processes.

Acernis Luminata

Acernis Luminata is a serving set for the ultimate maple syrup experience, designed to honour nature and create a ritual of the serving of maple syrup. The set consists of glass vessels, based on scientific glassware, and designed to capture and focus light and to invite a tactile, playful experience of the viscosity, colour, opacity, aroma and flavour of different grades and varieties of syrup. The vessels are presented on a maple wood frame with integrated lighting that illuminates their contents, projecting golden hues in pools of light below, reconnecting the wood and the syrup to their origins within the robust maple tree.

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