Grace Eun Mi Lee

Grace Eun Mi Lee is a Toronto based ceramic artist who was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and moved to Canada in 2010. She received her BFA in Craft Design at Suwon University in 2005, and her MFA in Ceramics at Hongik University in 2009. She has been working with clay since 2000. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre. She’s received numerous awards including recognition at the 2009 “Out of the box” Cheongju International Craft Competition in Korea.

More recently Grace’s work has been featured in various forms of public media including television, magazines and numerous online articles.

Eye Popping Salt & Pepper Shakers

The inspiration of the design comes from the concept of emphasizing the unnoticed details in our daily lives. I have put a new twist on the traditional way salt & pepper shakers are made by putting the holes in the eyes of the skulls. These salt and pepper shakers are not only functional but also decorative. Eye Popping will have your dinner guests thrilled!

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